Hot Pink Shrimp Cure

$ 15.00 

Millennial Shrimp Cure is made with specially formulated fish-biting ingredients to make it the most effective shrimp cure on the market today. This superior proven cure with UV formula will enhance your chance of catching more fish guaranteed.

This bait rocks!! It lasts longer and I don’t have to change baits as often. Whatever scent is in these baits truly works. I have great confidence in this bait. This is my go to bait for steelhead and chinook year around. Out fishes other brands of coons hands down!!

- Corbett R

As soon as you crack the jar you see what all the fuss is about. These are by far my favorite coon or prawn to run. They are so durable compared to any other coon, they look amazing, almost all the whiskers are still intact , they don’t stain your hands. And best of all THEY CATCH FISH!

- Dale B.

Really loving this bait! Been catching a ton of steelhead and a few springers too! No more messy die all over my clothes and hands, and these baits are super durable, consistent, and just straight work! I will be fishing these side by side my homemade cure for a LONG time coming. Thanks for a great bait.

- Marlin L.

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